Mikum offers comprehensive recruitment services as well as career counseling and job search guidance.  Mikum specializes in service to nonprofits and in fundraising personnel.


Search and Screen Service:  a comprehensive candidate search and screening process, resulting in a pool of high quality candidates that fit your requirements.

Reference checks, skills testing, and candidate interviews: As additional services, Mikum offers to speak with candidate references, to test job-specific skills, and to participate in the interview process.

Consulting Services: Mikum offers counseling and mentoring for job seekers at career crossroads, during the job search process, and during negotiations with potential employers.



Gila Weinberg, CEO of Mikum, has been servicing the nonprofit sector in Israel as a recruitment executive and resource development consultant for over a decade. Gila’s broad background in recruitment, resource development, social media, public relations, and formal and informal Jewish education has granted her an insider’s understanding of the needs of nonprofits in Israel and the various roles that employees fill in a successful organization or business. Her unique expertise in the area of fundraising personnel helps her clients hone in on the skills and qualifications that their organizations will need in a successful development professional. Gila served as COO of David Epstein Resource Development for seven years. She has a BA in Psychology and English Literature from Bar Ilan University and trained as a Rabbinic Litigator.  Gila was born in the United States, and now resides in Israel with her husband and four children.

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